Monday, May 3, 2010

Looking back - Marvel Zombies - A review of the start of the madness

Marvel Zombies
A retrospective look at how it all began
by : Rob Dimension

Well, another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone. Hopefully everyone did their best and went and supported the Comic Industry. I am always thinking the comic business is always on the brink of bankruptcy, not sure why, just always seems that way to me. I mean, kids read less and less, are more into video games plus the adults are the main buyers and the economy is still in termoil, so spending is less.

Luckily for all us comic book geeks, the Comic HYPE is greater than ever. With success at the box office with films like The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Hell Boy, Watchmen and recently, Kick-Ass (which by the way was amazing...if you haven't seen it yet and your into violence, gore and Nick Cage doing an Adam West impersonation, then it's the film for you), the interest in our beloved heroes and villians is on the climb.

Marvel Zombies was released back in December 05 and ran through April of 06, meaning now, the trade paperback is easily accessible. Written by Robert Kirkman, who will be gaining massive attention soon once AMC gets going on The Walking Dead series, and puts a new twist to our Marvel Universe. While everything was always about saving the girl, doing the right thing, now things now have become about death, destruction and stopping the "Hunger".

In an alternate Marvel landscape, a virus has hit the Earth causing some of our most popular Heroes into Zombie frenzied, eating machines. The story is fun and I can't tell you how many giggles I had watching Spider-man, Hulk and Captain America fight with legs missing, half the skull exposed and once becoming human again, realizing they ate too much, let loose and terrorize the planet. As for our heroes, nothing can stop them, not the Silver Surfer and possibly, not Galactus himself...yes, the World Eater. This battle is a must read!!!

Without spoiling much of the story, the plot is very easy to see but the action is outlandish. Everything a comic geek, that loves Horror and Zombies, could ask for. The gore is plentiful, the dialogue is well written and quite honestly, this comic series was a blast to read and see what unfolds. 

I highly recommend this, especially since Marvel Zombies 5 is currently being released, you have more than enough reading to catch up on. The original trade retails for $15.99 plus, look for side stories like Dead Days and The Marvel Zombies vs.The Army of Darkness....think Ash can save the day??? Remember this kids - "Shop Smart, Shop S Mart"

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