Saturday, May 29, 2010

Late Night Comic Review for May 29th, 2010

Late Night at the Horror Hotel reveals comics that you MUST read!
By - Rob Dimension

After some great feedback for the past reviews, Late Night at the Horror Hotel has sent out our resident nerd, Rob Dimension to go visit James Frazier at Cyborg One (  Comics in Doylestown, PA. They discuss comics that are setting the shelves on fire plus look at some that are not worth the paper they are printed on. Below is what Rob Dimension had to say:

"I read all the time, always trying new comics just for the sake of being a fanboy. Here are some of my favorites plus within the video review, we mention plenty to get you started regardless if you read currently or not. Hope you enjoy and we are working on improving all the time. Huge thanks goes out to my homeboy and co-host John Cannon - he edits everything and does great."

Marvel's Secret Avengers against DC's Legion of Super Heroes - "Pitting both lower level teams against each other for the sake of the readers, I figured I would read both and see who prevails - This was extremely easy for me to choose - Secret Avengers all the way. While James does mention his dislike for the art, no one can dispute how great of a start this issue is presenting. Not much of a secondary squad with Beast, Black Widow, War Machine, Moon Knight and more lead by Steve Rogers...they wreck the lameness of the Legion of Super Heroes. This is my pick of this week as best break out comic."

Brightest Day #2 - "I have to put on my Lantern ring collection as I write this - As we progress into the aftermath of Blackest Night, Brightest Day is full of surprises. With a combination of 12 villains and heroes dead, each given a Lantern ring, who will become the White Lantern? In a plot similar to the Sword and the Stone, this is shaping up to be the comic series to follow. Aquaman is B.A. simply for the ability to raise zombie creatures from the deep...yes, I said Aquaman. While they're are plenty of cross story comics, reading this just solely will give you enough info to follow."

War of the Supermen -  "I didn't get a chance to get into this comic in the reviews because we are slaves to YouTube's 10 minute video, but for a short mini series, this is worth grabbing. Issue #0 was offered during Free Comic Book Day and begins with the story of General Zod as the leader Krypton Army, waging war against Earth. With the Yellow Sun leveling out the playing field, Superman must save the day. This is a 4 part series and is really good. I grow tired of a lot of the Superman stuff, but this grabbed my attention and made me a fanboy of good ole' Clark Kent again"

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