Thursday, May 27, 2010

Late Night at the Horror Hotel comes to Philly TV

Late Night has a home!

Your favorite graveyard workers, Rob Dimension and John Cannon announced that Late Night at the Horror Hotel will be airing Thursday and Saturday nights at 12 midnight on Phillycam. The official start date is next Thursday, June set your dvr's!

PhillyCam can be found Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30. Late Night is extremely happy and feels Philadelphia has been without a Horror Hosting TV show for years and hopes to expose more viewers to the "very best of the very worst" in Horror movies.

John Cannon had this to say, "we are always working hard to create something that is fun for everyone. Since we are from the area, we will be more in the public eye and attend as many functions throughout the area as we can". Dimension added "I would be the last person to say our show is something not to be missed, but we have received a great following so far. I am just happy to be on with PhillyCam and their tremendous staff".

About PhillyCam - The mission of the PhillyCAMPhillyCAM provides residents and community organizations access to media-making tools, training and opportunities for interaction between diverse communities. is to provide Philadelphia residents and organizations with the opportunity to communicate with each other through the creation and distribution of non-commercial media. 
The purpose and intent of the PhillyCAM is to operate a vibrant community media center in Philadelphia which is accessible and welcoming to all residents and provides a valuable means for people to gain access to and training in the use of new digital media technologies, including computers, Internet, radio, video, and television, that enable people to address the diverse social and cultural needs of their communities. All Philadelphians, not just the influential, will have the opportunity to make and watch programs about themselves, their lives, and interests, as well as utilize other new technologies.

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