Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Complete Mis-Adventures of Rob Dimension - May 6th, 2010

The Complete Mis-Adventures of Rob Dimension
May 6th 2010

This past weekend I had a chance to hang out at the National Haunters Convention ( In King of Prussia, PA over at the Valley Forge Convention Center. I actually worked a wrestling show there probably about 10 years ago, been forever, but I was looking forward to it. 

The Convention is typically for people who run Haunted House attractions but is open to everyone. From special effects, to performers, to vendors selling everything from spider web makers to brains in a jar (I actually bought one). I was amazed at how much stuff is out there, granted this was the first time I had attended one. It was like Christmas for me, scare and gore for everyone. If you enjoy Halloween, this should become a mandatory stop for you, seriously...tons of merchandise to grab.

I went with the intent on handing out our flyers for The Late Night at the Horror Hotel show ( - cheap plug, I know) but first, sought out the co-promoter Michael. Mr. Bruner was gracious enough to help me out tremendously, plus in the conversation was glad to hear that he wanted John and myself there next year! Such a great way to start the day, couldn't ask for more.

I attended the convention with my daughter (Kimberly), who is my horror watching partner in crime and Camera Man Mike, who of course forgot the camera. Now, Camera man Mike is a huge nerd, much like myself. His sense of humor is unlike many I have ever been around. Once we get to the con, he is scoping things out and snooping around. While I am busy handing out flyers and talking to as many people as I can, he of course he finds the only guy selling Magic the gathering cards (if there is a fellow nerd in the place, Mike will find him). I must admit though, the guy we talked too was mentioning some sort of Dungeons and Dragons game, it sounded fun but was gonna happen way past my bed time.

We needed to grab some grub, since handing out flyers is tough work (smirk). We head to the mecca of mall shopping, the King of Prussia Mall for lunch. If you have never been there, it's like one of the biggest malls in the US, they have a Cinnabon and a Comic I could live there, I think. The 3 of us go on our merry way to the food spot of our choice and we sit. Eating with Mike becomes fun about now, as he has 1 chicken sandwich and 4 things of hot sauce, where is the camera now? He proceeds to dump 2 of the packets of hot sauce on the sandwich, these weren't little packs either, and it's an instant mess. Then he has the other 2 for dipping, guess you can never have enough hot sauce. Of course, the boy wonder grabs NO NAPKINS and has sauce on his face, hands and now...on his pants from wiping it there.

Back to the Con we go, I think Mike was still enjoying his Hot Sauce from his pants and hands. I had woken up early that day and decided that I was gonna take pictures with people doing the Ultraman pose, not sure why, just felt like it would be fun. I start to grab people, from Freddy to whoever I could, just for the sake of the pictures. I think I will continue doing this, mostly everyone remembers Ultraman plus it's better than the standard smile or point. So, if you see me, grab me with a Ultraman pose...I'm such a dork, but come on...Ultraman is pretty, apparently Freddy likes him.

I also had a chance to meet the Horror Hosting Icon, Count Gore De Vol and fellow Philly Horror Host, Roxsy Tyler. Both were super cool. The Count gave me some great advice and I couldn't have been happier having a chance to speak with him. I grabbed his Every Other Day is Halloween dvd a have a review, posted further down on this site. Highly recommended dvd, motivational too. Roxsy and I did a promo together too, was great to meet her and Potent Pictures! You can see by the picture, she was feeling the love for Ultraman! 

In closing it, was a great day...Kimberly got her Munsters Lunch Box, Camera Man Mike had messy pants and I was able to grab some very cool swag of my own. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this and will continue to keep coming back and send me your pics in the Ultraman pose!! I wanna see them.

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