Monday, April 5, 2010

What a weekend...Late Night at the Horror Hotel will soon be online

This past weekend, we were able to shoot the "Night of the Living Dead" episode and "Plan 9 From Outer Space" episode. Granted, these are the very first episodes we have done and weren't sure what to expect. After shooting it, seeing what we can do with the set, enjoying everyone's creativeness and realizing that the co-hosts are a couple of hams, we feel confident that everyone will enjoy the show.

Matt Burd, the producer and owner of Horror Shop Films was utilizing his vast knowledge of shooting film and offered so much creative direction, things looked better than originally hoped. With use of lighting, camera angles and positioning, the shots that I saw were fantastic. Make sure you visit Matt's short horror film and watch for some clips of Late Night at the Horror Hotels cameo, the lines that were used are not for the young at heart and will shock many. (Word of advice: Don't tell Cannon and Dimension they can use "R" rated language, the result will make anyone blush) 

Speaking of Cannon and Dimension, these guys put a lot of effort into the show and had the crew shoot many takes with different ad-libs, just to see what would work. Cannon really plays the straight man role well and his Creature Cooking segments are something different that isn't seen anywhere else. Plus, he made sure he brought dinner for everyone. Coke a Cola Pot Roast and a 4 Cheese Pasta sauce with Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs were on the menu = TREMENDOUS. Everyone enjoyed the night.

Dimension is not afraid to make himself the fool. Take fall after fall on the concrete floor proved he was serious, and honestly, a little looney.Giving these guys freedom to do what they wanted proved to be the best possible scenario. They both claimed to have crammed in tons of Abbott and Costello, watched Elvira (come on, who doesn't?), and wanted to make the most of the night. 

We will have more information updated later the week. Make sure you visit them on Facebook right now (link is on the side of the page) and check out some set pictures, promo shots and see what "Pugly the Bell Hop" looks like, she stole everyone's hearts that was on the set. 

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