Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TOUR OF TERROR Information

 The Tour of Terror is coming

The Tour of Terror wants to come to your neighborhood, but we need your help. The Fall season is quickly approaching and Halloween will be here before you know it, Late Night at the Horror Hotel will be making road trips.

If you work, own or help operate an Haunted House or Haunted attraction or maybe recommend us to your local place and would love the guys to come out and MC the event for the evening, help out and just be involved then all you need to do is ask. Yes, it's that simple. Rob Dimension and John Cannon are horror enthusiasts and want to help make Halloween all that it can be.

Late Night at the Horror Hotel will provide advertising about the event, will come out to the Haunt and make a fun evening for everyone. Just email us at LatenighthorrorHotel@hotmail.com for more details and/or with the contact info.  

Sound good? We thought so too. Remember, with the season quickly approaching, dates will fill up fast. Our home base is around Philadelphia but the guys want to hit CT, MA, NY, RI, DE, PA, MD, VA and NJ and possibly even further away...all you have to do is email us. Watch the trailer for more info -  

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