Monday, April 19, 2010

Tons of Video Updates - Shout Outs, Tributes and Plugs!!

Late Night at the Horror Hotel was busy last week, filming promo after promo getting ready for the release of their 1st episode. They decided it was time to send some messages out to those that have reached out to them during the process. Here are some videos - Please feel free to re-post them anywhere as it helps everyone who is involved.

The 1st Batch are for Horror Hosts!!

Count Gregula and the Countess need a room at the Horror Hotel

Rob the Clerk thinks he is Special, Chef John think he is "Special" - Omsby from Cinema Insane

Midnight Masoleum gets a Stalker :)

The last one is an appreciation for and everything that Corpse S Chris does for all of us - The Horror Host Graveyard

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