Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exclusive Peek at Late Night at the Horror Hotel

Welcome to Late Night at the Horror Hotel
Thanks for checking out a clip from our first episode. We hope everyone enjoys and plans on tuning in on Friday April 30th for the complete episode. We want to hear your feedback!! Please feel free to share this with your friends and spread the word!
It seems Rob the Clerk is unhappy with the way that the “Undead” are treated and devises a plan to create a telethon to help.  Chef John and Pugly, both made a point to warn Rob that his pleas would likely go unanswered. Rob’s response was to provide a “commercial to create awareness”, in the spirit of the Sarah McLachlan, ASPCA commercial to “Angel”, take a look and…well, we guess… be aware.

This clip will air during our first episode, as we Host - “Night of the Living Dead” on Late Night at the Horror Hotel. Obviously, a parody, we hope all enjoy and make no attempt to call the number.