Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Late Night at the Horror Hotel is a go!!!

Late Night at the Horror Hotel is a go!!!

Soon to be, hopefully hitting the late night airwaves, Late Night at the Horror Hotel will begin production this week. John Cannon and Rob Dimension have been cast by Horror Shop Films, as employees at the Horror Hotel, working the graveyard shift. Late Night at the Horror Hotel will be televised in black and white to bring back the feel of yesterdays viewing. Cannon and Dimension will also be featured in a cameo in the Horror Shop Films short feature, “The Pizza Man”. The series will be looking for cable access stations and will be geared at all ages for everyone to enjoy. Both are eager to join the many nationwide Horror Hosts around the country and plan on having plenty of fun doing it.

John Cannon, portraying Chef Jon who had been looking for an outlet for his “Creature Cooking” segments feels that this will be a great way to incorporate his loves for both cooking and horror. When asked about what to expect, John had this to say; “First, thanks goes out to Horror Shop Films for the opportunity, I couldn’t be more excited. I expect some slapstick, some information and some fun.” The show will feature a weekly recipe directly from Cannon’s Creature Cooking ideas.

Rob Dimension added “I have seen the set design, while campy, it will be a great setting for the show. We are stuck in purgatory and we get to watch old classic B movies. How much better can it get?” Dimension will play, Rob the Clerk. A character that Dimension described as; a slacker who has terrible ideas that never go right.

Horror Shop Films is based in Northeast Pennsylvania and feels positive that with the casting of these two, things should be interesting. Horror Shop Films Founder Matthew Burd added “We're looking very forward to adding this new venture to our list of upcoming projects and feel very confident it can be a great success!"
Dimension continued to say, “What will make this show a little different is the show is mostly hosted from the Hotel lobby plus we will feature internet exclusive Reviews, News and anything else that we can come up with. It’s a joint project and both John and I, have nearly twenty years television experience between us, so we are expecting a lot of fun.”  

With Horror Convention season approaching, feel free to contact Late Night at the Horror Hotel for appearances, movie reviews and hosting your events at  also friend them at . “Once some footage is in the can, expect an exclusive look at the set, the hosts and some reviews. “ Cannon said in closing.

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