Monday, August 29, 2016

My night with a professional.....comedian. That's not right!!

Let's start with a trip trip down memory lane from the ole' Dimension household...

I'll set the stage: its late 1980's, I was just a youngster, late teens, and was highly obsessed with comedy. Around this time, I became familiar with comedians like Andrew Dice Clay, Bob Nelson, Rick Ducommun and Howie Mandel to name a few. One comic in particular made a lasting impression, not just upon me, but upon my entire family. This comedian was Kevin Meaney.

Kevin Meaney was funny, charismatic and over the top. Doing impressions of his family, how over bearing his Mother was and the pure ridiculousness of everyday life made perfect sense to me. My Dad had raised me on Jonathan Winters and Kevin really reminded me of Winters, with his great sense of storytelling and sketch mastery. "That's not right" and "go upstairs and put your big pants on" echoed our household for years and it even leaked into my own household, when my wife and I would tell our kids "stop walking around with that puss on your face!" They never laughed, but we sure did.

So, fast forward 30 years...

In our hometown, we have a theater; The Act II Playhouse, here in Ambler, and while Kim and I were out for our walk, I noticed they host comedy shows. I had never been to this theater, even though I lived here for 15 years, my wife has lived here, basically her entire life. I have no idea why I've never been there before, but let's just say, I'm glad we investigated things further.

I came home, looked online and, nearly fell over. I see "Kevin Meaney" coming to our hometown!! After being a fan for nearly 30 years, the opportunity had come to see!! Obviously, you can see, just by my use of exclamation marks, I was flipping out. I grabbed two, 2nd row seats and we were set.

Kevin with Kim and I
Let's just talk about the theater for second, before I discuss the night in question. The theater was so great. Its quaint, intimate and I was regretting not being there before. It will be a monthly spot for Kim and I. There is nothing better than being part of a small town and enjoying the finer things like the Act II Playhouse.

Now, Kevin came out like a house on fire, for the first 25 minutes, he was firing off funny stories, relatable family commentary and punchline after punchline and Kim and I were dying. Just full of energy. The entire, sold out crowd was in tears. He did new material, plus some of his most notable. He involved the crowd but here is where you can tell that Kevin is seasoned comedian....

Meaney chose stories and content based upon the demographic of the crowd. The audience was made up of mostly 35-65 yr olds and every story he told was relatable. Situations we can all look back upon and laugh, like going outside and playing, by digging a hole, not staring at people while driving and your parents being able to reach into the backseat, no matter how far away you squirmed from their reach. It was all 100% on point and took us all back to growing up.

I can't recommend these 2 things anymore.

  1. If you're in Ambler, PA and you're looking for a great comedy show, play or musical, make sure you stop by the Act II Playhouse
  2. If Kevin Meaney comes near your town, go out and see him. I promise, you will not be disappointed. 
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Act 2 Playhouse -

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do It Yourself - DVD repair

Ever have a DVD that won't work because its scratched? Well, you're in luck, today I show you how to repair it. Its a little DIY clinic. 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dimension Chat - When your little one moves on.

Well, our oldest officially moved out yesterday, needless to say, it wrecked Kim and I. I just share a quick thought. Hopefully, you watch and can relate.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Today's Dimension Chat - Our Monster-Mania recap

Ever wonder what our weekend is like at Monster-Mania? Between that and Curt Robinson attending Combat Zone Wrestling, it was a packed weekend. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Acting with Andy - Today's Lesson : Life Lesson's & Robots

On today's episode of Acting with Andy, Andy tries to offer his help with Life Lesson's and Robots. Yeah, we though the title sounded off too. Well, make sure you follow all his tips (ok..that's probably a really bad idea).

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

Rediscovering 80's Comedians, Today

This past week has been filled with a lot of memories of years past. Back in the late 80's, my family had HBO. World famous funny man, Rodney Dangerfield hosted a show that introduced America to some of the best comedians on the planet. I remember parking myself down in front of the ole' boob tube and watching, laughing and learning comedy from "up and comers". Sure, these "new, fresh faces" we actually masters of the art, that were gaining national exposure.

This is where I found Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinison, Bob Saget and a few others. I also remember finding Howie Mandel on HBO too. I actually saw Howie in Atlantic City in 1987. He was fantastic. Well, this brings me to today's point of rediscovering the comedians of the 80's. While some may have fallen out of sight, that doesn't mean they ever stopped working.

While walking with Kim through our hometown, we saw an advertisement for a comedy show, this is where I give a "OMG" moment. I see a sign for Kevin Meaney...KEVIN MEANEY in my hometown!!! I am instantly brought back to the late 80's of watching Kevin's stand up routine of "Big Pants people", him parading around on stage, singing"I don't care" and saying a catch phrase I've muttered for years, "That's not right". I race home to look up info about tickets and instantly purchase tickets. Sure, I haven't watched any of Kevin's routines in years but in today's world, I looked around on youtube and sat back, laughed and was brought back to 1987.

So, in a few weeks, Kim and I will walk 2 block, head to our local theater and enjoy the comedy stylings of Kevin Meaney. Now...this would've been a great story had this been the end..but guess what? Its not!!

Yesterday, sniffing around online (sounds very detective-like) I discover another comedian from the 80's that absolutely, captivated me, named Bob Nelson. His characters Eppy Epperman and Jiffy Jeff, the prize fighter (who fought 6 times and lost 11) were classics in my household growing up. A few clicks on youtube and then a quick search discovered that Bob will be in my area in Oct. Again, I literally freak out and shout to Kim, "You believe this!! Bob Nelson is gonna be around here in October!!" Sure, it took her a few minutes of me acting out Bob's routine to remember who Bob was, but then she laughed and remembered. Again, after a few clicks, we grab tickets to see Bob in October. I'm not sure why these comedians have found their way back into my life, brain..whatever...but I am so glad they did. Call it nostalgia or a trip down memory lane, I call it still funny after all these years. Do some searching and maybe, just maybe, you'll find a reason to smile and laugh. Enjoy your day.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Pringles Taste Challenge

The Dimension family is back, asking for trouble as they try 11 different Pringles flavors. Everyone loves Pringles chips, right? Wait until you see the reactions on this taste test. It's a must watch.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Extra Andy!! Andy Learns PokemonGo! Become a Pokey-Mongo Master!

Pokemon Go with Andy!! An extra episode of Andy today who tries to become a Pokemon master. Learn about "Pokey-Mongo", "Pikadilly", not to throw your phone plus some much needed tips. Enjoy and subscribe at 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Acting with Andy - Todays Lesson - Improv & Sally Joe

This week's Acting with Andy features improv and Sally Joe. Our acting coach shows techniques to use for improv when showing off your acting chops. Andy also, uses props including Sally Joe. This is another can't miss episode, so make sure you subscribe at 

To stand up or sit down.

Well, here we are again...the internal debate that has been going back and forth in my head since I was nine years old. Stand Up Comedy. Imagine this; a nine year old kid reading a Steve Allen book, titled How to Be Funny. I had hopes and dreams of being the next Rodney Dangerfield, as I sat watching HBO comedy specials and the Gong Show. Obviously, after all that...I'm still wondering how to be funny.

Let's jump ahead to 2011-2012, the dream almost became a reality. Open mic's had become a very real option and I was actually being requested to come to a few. I had several comedians offering to mentor me, show me the ropes and go over my material. So, what happened? Honestly, life happened. I had personal problems at home, was struggling with who or what I was and just wasn't coping well. This should've been great material, instead, I just backed off and went a different direction. I turned to filmmaking.

Filmmaking ended up becoming a blessing in disguise. I found a voice and a happiness that I had never really thought possible. I was able to have an outlet and express emotions and touch on deep hidden horror that was within me. I love horror and this was a dream to achieve, for sure. Besides comedy, I grew up a monster kid. For me, depression and horror went hand and hand. They were a couple. When I was miserable, I wrote about loss, I jotted down people who lived behind closed doors with terrible secrets. Then, the sun began to shine....

The clouds split and the days were filled with happiness. Sounds corny, Right? It's true. I broke through the depression and found out who I was again. I still struggle day to day but I do feel better. I won't ever recover 100% but I'll do my best to keep my sanity in check.

Three months ago, I finally pulled the trigger and got started on youtube. I started to post videos about what made me happy and then I started to think about developing some characters that bounced around in my head. I started to write and work on weird shit that might make me laugh or that I would watch. Sure, I know I'm not normal, but this was where my head was leaning towards. So, I'm doing a form of improv and comedy. I'm creating content that hopefully makes you laugh a little, between Acting with Andy and Petey Panda, its all a work in progress. More characters are coming, so be patient.

Lately, I have been thinking about a possible live stage show or even performing stand up comedy. The debating, within my head, along with the voices have begun. At age 45 3/4, do I bother learning another craft that will, no doubt, be tough? Throughout my life, I've been fortunate to have some success in a few things..obviously success is different for everyone. For me, its simple, just don't suck.

The live stage show is a possibility. Stand up is possible. I guess I will wait and see where Youtube takes me. Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 1, 2016

When you like things that everyone else hates.

I've noticed over time I've developed this odd taste in things. Movies, television shows, games, hobbies...even food. The problem isn't when you're enjoying it, the problem arises when you become self aware. Do we try to change or just ignore the others and be you?

This is always a tough question as I think, the need to fit in has always been something everyone wants. We are basically taught, this is normal, to blend into society. Now, I'm going to use the "They Live" scenario when everyone has to Obey. I'm simply stating that its ok to be different.

I haven't always felt this way, I almost believe in most cases, you have to wander through life a bit to stumble upon true happiness. There is a huge difference between liking what you like and being a rebel for the sake of drawing attention to how cool you are, in your own world.

Sometimes people like to be different, as an anti-social stand makes them almost accept that not fitting in will be accepted, in some weird, odd way. Sometimes, people can take this to a defensive level, being so outspoken about "no one gets me", when in reality, you just look like an ass and the same people you're taking a stand against, you are in fact, becoming. Standing on a soap box proclaiming that your taste is best, because you don't "sell out" or you're too "extreme" for others is silliness.

I certainly don't think Im much different than anyone else. No different. I just like what I like. Sure, the circles of others that have similar interests couldn't fill a football stadium, but trust me when I say, you're not alone. You have to take the time to seek out others that share enjoy what you enjoy. For fans of anything, sitting alone staring at your most prized figure (action figure for example) is fantastic...almost like you just accomplished something that no one one Earth can relate to. Just know that somewhere, maybe across the ocean, a young dreamer is staring at the same figure, with the same smile, loving the moment too.

The internet can be filled with what YOU choose to fill it with. I, rarely, debate with others about what Friday the 13th movie is best. Which Godzilla suit is the greatest. How choosing the Rob Zombie Halloween over John Carpenter's just just insanity....why? Because everyone likes what they like. Mentally we are all different.

Maybe you like Wonder Woman
I'd rather choose to join Facebook groups that discuss our mutual love for Godzilla. I recently started reading a lot of Reddit ( and trust me, that site isn't everyones cup of tea. Perhaps they're visiting the wrong pages. (If you've never been on the site, its very similar to old school forum pages.) I check out comedy discussions, more about writing comedy. I look at what Tokusatsu shows the other fans are watching in the Ultraman group.

My closing point is simple. Share what you love. Don't dictate your fun based on what others enjoy. Being part of something is great...just make sure you're part of something you really like, not what others like.

Ok kids, thanks for reading.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Introducing...Petey Panda

For today's Dimension Chat, we figured we would introduce someone new. Every hear the saying "There goes the neighborhood"? Well, 12 year old Petey just moved in. He's hyper, outspoken and .....thinks he's a panda. 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Crowdfunding 101 - Let's Start Here

Crowdfunding is lost. Why? Let me answer.

First, if you aren't aware of what crowdfunding is; it's simply when a filmmaker (I know there are a lot of other reasons to crowd fund but let's stick with filmmaking) turns to the internet site Kickstarter, as an example, creates a campaign, a pitch video, posts what the project is about. Then, fans, the crowd, people who become interested, donate to the project to help make this dream a reality.

So far, so good.

Now, I will lay the blame on the filmmakers. Some do it right. Those are the ones who achieve their goals and actually do better than they hoped. The ones who look to blame everyone and everything except themselves are the problem.

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN - keyword in planning is plan. This is simple. Do your homework and research what you're making, what crowdfunding platform would work best. Look at costs and finances. Have a back up plan in case your goal is not met. Know what you're you need insurance, permits, new equipment? What needs to be paid for. Look into everything. Make a check list. How much will it cost to crowd fund? To make and deliver your perks? Look at everything. (I won't touch on pitch video or perks today, but stay tuned for a future video or blog)

Stop creating multiple crowdfunding campaigns asking for help 3-4 times to get one project done. You're already asking people to take a chance, now you're looking terrible and potentially ruining the experience for them, and the next project they might invest in. You could start a chain reaction that damages others dreams. Be responsible.

You are a filmmaker, in essence starting a business. You need to budget yourself and your project. If you can't do this, don't crowd fund. Do not ask for anything that is beyond your means. Stop asking for unrealistic numbers. Don't have a following? Then the chances of you succeeding is small. Maybe crowd fund for a small project, make and complete that and build faith in your current customers and potentially build a larger audience.

Stop and PLAN
Here is the blunt fact - stop being lazy, stop blaming others, start researching and show others why they should invest in your project.

Look at your project as an outsider and be honest: would you donate? Do you care if this gets made? Does the pitch trailer look like a professionals work?

Before I launched my campaigns, each of my 3 projects I used crowdfunding (all successfully reached their goal, the last reached the goal 36 hours after launch) I was studying pitch videos, reading books, googling for help online. I asked others and paid attention and stopped using excuses like "Well, Rob Zombie was crowdfunding and thats where the money went!" Stop fooling yourself. His fans aren't investing in yours. "But Rob, you don't understand"...actually I do...that's why I'm being honest. I treated my investors like partners and shared things along the way and tried to show them bits and pieces along the way. I delivered on all 3 projects. I worked hard, lost some money but didn't let that stop me. I made mistakes but I would NOT let people down.

That's it for today. Crowdfunding works. It's not begging unless you make it begging. The people investing are proving they believe in you. Have integrity and don't let them down. Prove you're a professional and make something great. You can take this advice and make the best project possible or ignore help and realize you made a mistake, costing you much more than a bruised ego. Look around, plenty of advice/help out there. Best of luck.

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Acting with Andy - Today's Lesson: Hobbies & R.I.P. JoJo

Acting with Andy - Today's Lesson: Hobbies & RIP JoJo

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Randy the Ram is a piece of Sh*t

Maybe I'm just hyper sensitive after spending 16 years in the world of professional wrestling, but man, I watched The Wrestler yesterday and thought to myself "Randy the Ram is a real A-Hole". Now, its been a while since I've watched the Darren Aronofsky cult indie film The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rourke. It happened to be playing on HBO and I turned it on and it really hit home.

Let me clear the air, in all honesty, I really like this movie but this is just a rant about how damn good of a written character Randy the Ram is, and really how great Rourke portrays him. I remember first seeing this movie and thinking about how relatable the character is to some people I know. I hate how poorly professional wrestling is portrayed by most films, well except Ready to Rumble, but even that, Jimmy King was a bum.

Ok, so let's look at what makes up such a miserable piece of shit like Randy the Ram:

Horrible Father - Ok, midway through the movie, Randy (Robin as his birth name) develops a heart and wants to rehab his relationship with his daughter. This relationship is rocky and she even let's him know that he is, in fact, a piece of shit. In the end, he chooses himself over her and that bridge is burnt.

Selfishness - Yep, as an entertainer/wrestler, Randy is a selfish bastard. He loves the limelight. Sure, his best days are behind him and now he is forced to shill his name value to small, shitty independent feds. Randy, only knowing wrestling as his life style is a constant worker in this film, from not walking away to lying about his health, potentially dying in the ring. You almost want to feel bad for him but I've seen this person, many times within wrestling. In his eyes, he has nothing to live for but the cheers and while you might think "awe man, he loves us", he doesn't. This is part of his selfishness.

Junkie - Ok, while you might think, "he really only did some steroids", the list of shit he put into his body was staggering. Not to mention recreationally doing drugs and probably a borderline alcoholic, Randy does all kinds of growth hormones but draws the line at "that Chinese shit". Again, I know people and have lost friends who are JUST like this!! Aronofsky really did his homework and it hurts a little to watch.

Whore - Randy is a whore. He is obsessed with Marisa Tomei who portrays a stripper, but unlike Randy, she is trying to get out to make a better life for her and her son. The Ram is a part of the sickness and can not escape. He hates everything in his life except wrestling.

Now that I have dismantled Randy the Ram, remember, I truly do like this movie. This was me picking apart the character design and honestly admiring, not only the realism but the portrayal. This movie has you glued from the start to the finish....

Speaking of the finish...I'm always curious what YOU think happened? Remember, Randy climbs to the top rope, about to deliver the Ram Jam on the Ayatollah and while he is looking around, right as he jumps....we go black. Did he win and live happily ever after? Did he die and leave his mark on wrestling for dying in the ROH ring? You tell me what You think.

Until next time...Ram Jams for everyone.

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PokemonGo: What's the Harm?

Did you ever feel left out? Sadly, by the posts some people have been making about the worldwide phenomenon, PokemonGo, it seem's like a lot of people are feeling left out and want to rain on others happiness. I can't tell you how many posts I see on social media that just tear apart something that is so harmless. Am I naive? Am I missing something? Is the devil dressed as a little, chubby, yellow pocket monster?

First, let me share why I see the good in Pokemon as a whole. In 2000, I opened a retail store at the very beginning of the Pokemon craze. My store focused on Japanese animation and naturally, we carried the Pocket Monster cards, plush/stuffed animals and whatever else we could, because the trend was hot. Fast forward to several years later when we opened our largest retail location and became home of the east coast's largest Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) league. Imagine, every Sunday, having 80-100 kids weekly, in your store, battling, playing and creating new friendships. This is when I saw the good in this crazy little game.

Some of the children that came in dealt with social and mental issues. From anxiety to Asperger Syndrome to Autism to physical handicaps. Most times they never left their house except to come to our store and the parents shared the stories with us. These kids wanted to meet new kids, make friends and have some fun. Pokemon allowed this to happen. No one was looked at as different, no fights every broke out. Not even tears were shed from what I remember. This is when Kim and I realized that this game helps bring people together. We, as a couple feel in love with the good in this game.

Now, here we are again, 2016, our store is nothing but a memory but our old friend Pikachu and the
gang have once again made their way into our lives. Yet, so many on the internet hate to welcome me, it's not Team Rocket in disguise. It's harmless.

Ok, so here are the benefits to PokemonGo from my perspective:

1. Getting Active - Yes, in order to play this game, you gotta get your ass moving to catch them all. You must accumulate walking miles to hatch eggs, take small adventures to find new breeds and head to gyms and pokestops. I know, walking? Pfft. (We are clocking an average of 10,000 additional steps per day because of this app)

2. Community - I can tell you this first hand, when we walked around our neighborhood, we were met with people of all ages stopping us, sharing where other Pokemon were and just laughing and having a great time. Again...tell me how this is bad? I can't tell you the last time Kim and I walked through our town and talked, laughed and enjoyed the time. This game brings people to together.

Does it have it's draw backs? Of course, but don't worry the media will make you aware of those issues. They love creating fear and telling you the bad stuff in the world.

Here are MY tips:

1. Watch where you're going!! I recommend using the buddy system. (I know..silly). The buddy should be someone who doesn't play and can watch your surroundings like cars, trees or dog poop.

2. Respect people's property - I know you can catch a Gastly in the cemetery but, let's try our best to be respectful. The slight chance of that elusive Pokemon being on private property can and will happen, but you, being responsible will walk away or do your best to follow the law.

3. Have Fun - don't let people bully you into not playing. You can be any age and you can tell everyone about how much fun you're having. Don'y worry what others say. Have fun.

Thanks for taking the time and reading this. As you can see, we have seen Pokemon change and affect people's lives in the most positive way. Any time you can see someone who is dealing with issues, smile and laugh, it's the best feeling in the world. Please share this blog, and check out my Youtube page - Now go out into the world and catch those Pokemon.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hacks...and why I hate them. My tips on how to not be one!

Hacks...ugh..No, not the computer hacks that could potentially steal our nudes and send them to our bosses and not even those crafty life hacks (like peeing in there shower to save water), its those hacks that steal jokes or memes and claim how clever they are. Hell, I've even noticed the news hacks lately. You know, those sites that steal content from credible sources like THEY are all knowing when in fact all they really do is lift others hard work, and preach it like it's their own.

Definition Of A Hack: By Joe Fernandez. It's a term that most comics do not want to be called. It means you're unoriginal, derivative, and/or a joke thief. It is generally someone who is disliked and in some circles detested for taking comedy to its basest level.

The above definition can be used without the "comedian" context and can be used with social media instead. Chalk me up as one of those people who draws inspiration from sources that aren't always viewed as funny, witty or clever (not in favor with the masses). No, I'm not saying my sense of humor is any better than anyone else's, I just like what I like. 

My current comedy watch list:
Bo Burnham
Jim Varney
Will Sasso
Sarah Silverman

Its a short list, but keep in mind, it changes weekly. Although, Sarah Silverman and Bo Turnham have been on my list for quite a while. I LOVE "The Sarah Silverman Program" and Bo's 'Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous" as two examples of what occupies my viewing time.

Ok, so on to the list of how NOT to be a Hack:

1. Stop stealing!! This means stop using other peoples tweets as your own. Stop stealing shitty meme's. I get it...everyone wants to be funny...but not everyone is. Satire is dying and we, those on the internet are killing it. Be a free thinker, learn what entertains you and stop letting "likes" and "shares" run your life. Stop visiting "news" sites that just post articles without every crediting anyone. I saw a lot of it this past week. 

2. Watch what YOU like!! Eventually, you will wake up and say "wait..since when do I like this?". It might take some time, but it'll happen. Stop asking "what did you think? I'm thinking about watching it." Apparently you aren't thinking very hard. You're relying on someone else's opinion to sway what you want to watch? Then, you will just join that person on sharing "best thing on TV" or "OMG...another remake!!" Just take a break. Be your own person. Again, you can stand out and not worry about it. And trust me...all remakes aren't horrible and I promise you childhood will not need therapy. 

I remember, as a kid (12 years old) buying comedy books and reading them, along with comics while watching pro wrestling. I remember being told I was a nerd because when I was 9, i made a Frankenstein head to wear for Halloween out of cereal boxes. I remember being shunned because I didn't fit in. Why is this relevant? Because now being a nerd is cool. I still don't follow the masses. I still like what I liked as a kid. My house is still full of horror movies, Godzilla toys and shit from Sid and Marty Krofft.

How to stop being a hack is simple - give credit to those who deserve it. Stop worrying about liking what others like and choose your own path. Now I know this blog took a view off turns but who cares? Seriously...the message was simple and I created a "top of mind awareness" of what NOT to do and I promise you, when you head back to FB or Twitter, you'll second guess what you write about...or at least I hope you will. Choose wisely young jedi...

"and may the force be with you"
- Luke Skywalker (probably)